PODCAST: Fun Versus Finals

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In our very first PODCAST, Junior Aussie Rules Coach Jason Ham and Junior Cricket/Basketball Coach Ben Springett take a good look at the purpose of coaching for results. Do we coach to win or do we coach for fun? Are the two mutually separate? Add your comments to the discussion by clicking in to this topic.


PRESENTERS: Jason Ham (Junior Aussie Rules Coach &  Ben Springett (Junior Basketball and Cricket Coach)


As junior coaches, we need to have a clear focus on what it is that we wish to achieve for the season. The most first question all coaches should ask themselves prior to commencing their role, is do they want to coach so that they kids can win or do they want to coach for the kids enjoyment?

But as coaches, we must also realise that this is not the end of the quesiton. We have to ask ourselves if we have the ability or desire to combine the two and if so, at what cost.

Join us as we take a close look at the responsibilities of coaches to the kids and the game we ask the hard questions around this hot topic.

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